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Alarulu kuriyaga aadenadi
alakala kulukula Alamelmanga..
Araviri sobagula ativalu mecchaga
ara tera maruguna aadenade

Wow. Just too beautiful. Like a cascade of words but falling to the perfect tune. No wonder he is a poet and a singer. Both I presume might be pre-requisites for such form.

This shear beauty reminds me of another profound observation by Annamayya

"Chedanika brathikinche siddha mantrama.."

I am sure this line can mean different things to different audience, but to me this observation seem to say that

"Beautiful song or art is the perfect antidote for the sins of the mind.."


This note is inspired by a comment from Dr. Uma eyyunni

Annamayya apparently composed 32,000 devotional songs.

An impressive array of short bios on telugu writers since 1000AD.

Much of the telugu thought and psyche is defined and crafted by this epic translation and its derivatives over time. I have chanced upon this commentary while looking for the complete original text somewhere on the net.

4) Abhisaarika ..


Kadava nidukoni
Kalahamsa Nadatho
Viduvani bidiyana, vemaaru vedaki
Adugulu thadabada, Nadumallaada
Vadi vadiga nadicheti vanithaala raama

Priyathama Raadhika
Raave, Rayamuna Kailyave Premaabhisaarika

Rough, mostly adlibbed, translation

Gait and Stature Par with a Royal Swan, 
Cautious, tentative, as a mist of shyness hangs around,
Feet uncertain, 
Waist burdened, and aquiver,
"Maiden, in what haste are you?"

Endeared of Krishna,
Your arrival is much anticipated, nevertheless.

Abhi Saarika

I couldn't figure out what the meaning of Abhisaarika is. I have looked a dictionary. It suggests "Abhi" as something that is equivalent to a "juxtaposition". I couldn't figure out "Saarika" either. I roughly know what it means. I am keen on the exact sense and proportion of this word.

Selections from a number of poets are listed

A sample

Telugadela yenna desambu Telugu
Yenu Telugu vallabhunda  Telugokunda
Yella nrupulu goluva Yeruga ve baasaadi
Desa bhasha landu telugu lessa

Tenali Ramakrishnas some well known blurbs

6) Aravirisina Kannula...


   Madhura Madhura Mee Challani Rayee
   Maruva taganidi Eee Hawyee

   Navvula Vennela Naalo Valupulu Kavvinchunade Devi
   Swamulu Soyaga Menchi Pulakinchinademo RayRaani

   Viri Kannelu Aravirisina Kannulu
   Darahasinchuno Devi...
   Mana Anuragame Chusi
   Chirunavvlu Chilukunu Swami...

   Mee varamuna Naa Jivaname
   Paavana maayanu swaami...
   Eee Vana Seemaye Nee Chelimi..
   Jivana Madhuri Chavi chuchinade

Poignyant but a strange collection of words to see in an English Journal. Another word: Vajrabhirava from the same article

8) bapu bommalu


9) Collective Brilliance


Manasuna Mallella Maala Loogenay
Kannula Vennela Dola Loogenay
Enta Haaye ee rayee Nindeno
Enni Nalla Kee Nomu Pandeno

Kommala Guvvalu Gusa Gusa Manina
Remmala Gaalulu Vusurusuranina
Alanu Kolanulo Gala Gala Manina
Davvula Venuvu Savvadi Vinina

Neevu vachheavani
Nee Pilupay vini
Kannula Niridi Kalaya Choochitini

Ghadiya Yeni Ika vidichi pokuma
Egacina Hridayamu pagula nikuma
Enni Nalla ki  bratuku pandeno
Enta Haayee Eee Rayee Nindeno


Writer: Krishna Sastri
Composer: S. Rajeswararao
Singer: Bhanumati
Film: Malliswari
Time: Long ago


Notions of Swaying Fragrance settled in my thought.
Tides of breaking moonlight fill my sight.
The night is suffused with bliss.
In howlong my prayers bore fruit!!

As the branches' thrushes whisper,
As the leaves' light breezes rustle,
As playful ripples crackle the pond,
As I hear a muffled flute in the distance,
Perhaps you came!
Perhaps you called me!
My tear filled eyes span near and far.

Not a moment from here on won't you leave!
This heart in swell, won't you let it break!

In how long my life bore fruit,
And How suffused in bliss is this Night!

A sprout of consciouness

Although you are aware that a sprout springs and grows, it never seem to do it while it is under your watchful eye. But there are times it appears to me I almost can tell when a child is growing through an intense activity as if he/she is making connections in brain as you watch them.

I notice these intense moments usually lasting between 30 minutes and an hour where the child is alive, intensely alive, more than normal. It seemed to occur in a circumstance of growth: Needs set aside as in hunger, Days deliberations washed out as in after a shower, Weather willing as in a cool comfortable room, a sense of rest in sight, a sense of security and peace, and no where to extend for the night.

Yesterday evening was one such.

Charolette's web

Kavitha had an assignment to complete chapters 3 through 6 of the book. Ann brought her earlier in the week a combo DVD that came with a DVD and a book. Kavitha also brought the same book home from the 3rd grade teacher. She is still intent on carrying the two same books around. I suppose typical of a woman. (sorry, as I am sure I would offend an otherwise the finer specimen of our species)

4 year old Narayan decides to read the book as well. He will have none of me or Kavitha reading it to him. He proceeds with page 1 and describes the pig the spider along with the salutations. He describes how a spider is a good thing and how he would keep it as a pet. Then he declares he is on page 15. A good 10 minutes of sweetest drivel I had ever heard.

He wins the race with his sister as he finished the book far before her and content that the slow poke sister is still reading and she is only on page 1, he moves over to put the DVD in the DVD plyer. Having satisfactory arranged necessary electronics, the DVD player, the sony receiver, and the high definition Mitsubishi TV, he comes back and sits by his sister on the Sofa and patiently waits for her to finish the race and join him to watch the movie. The patience lasts for a few seconds and he decides to move his limbs and exercise.

He bends backwards with his legs on the sofa and his head on the floor. He does a number of situps. He comes over to me after a number of these and folds his shirt up, flexes his hand muscles and proudly declares me to feel the fruits of his upside down situps.

How beauty flows through the mouth

All hair does not need the necessary company of a gel. And Narayans hair is not one of those. But he insists on some mornings that he wants to be handsome, smell well, and look swell in all. His hair styles vary: Mohawk, spikey, like-you-do. Having arranged his hair along one of these lines, he would use cologne under his ears, on his wrists, then checks his shirt, pants and shooes and weighs himself well in the mirror.

He comes over opens his mouth wide right in my face and wonders if he smells good.

The last ritual is how he determines how handsome he is: essentially how well he smells through his mouth.

Devaki Paramaanandam, Krishnam

Well why not, under a predicament, has Yasoda not found the Universe realized in young Krishna's opened mouth.

Vasudeva sutam devam; 
Kamsa chanoora mardanam; 
Devaki Paramanandam; 
Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum!!
Infant of Vasudeva, yet the Lord of Creation,
Destroyer of the demons
Bliss of Yasoda, your Mother,
I bow to you, Krishna, the Guide to all there is
Dukkhe, Shwanudwignamana
Sukheshu Vigataspruhaha

An even mind in difficulty, unaware in good times ...

-From Githa

Onti Vaada Nenu
Uniki ee Jagamella

Kanna vaaru leru kalanu Nenu

Evari vaadanu kaanu, 
Ellaru naa vaarei.

Tolli kaladu Siriyu
Tolage Nedu

Onti vaada Nenu


Any one's claim I am not, in my grace are all.

Looking for text of his rendition. Why does this does not match with original text? Just curious.

vaksha.stha.le kau.stu.bham
ka.ra.tale  ve.num kan.ka.num
sarvange hari chan.da.nancha kalayam
( muktavale)
vi.ja.ya.te chu.daa.manei

I have just come back from India having spent three weeks there. One thing that I constantly got asked about was how could one learn or improve English so that they can converse in English. This is a loaded question. The obvious answer is usually wrong. Growing up I had a very similar issue. Looking back I could have said that I have listened to BBC on shortwave all the time (for a number of years) and read English newspapers regularly and have a dictionary at hand. But my gut feeling is that may not work for everybody. Although it helped me down the line, I don't think it helped me to speak in English.

Read more by clicking on the link above ...

17) Mrugadharam


vande sambhu-mumaapathim suragurum 
vande jagat-karanam 
vande pannaga bhushanam mrugadharam 
vande pasunaam-pathim 
vande surya sasanka vahni nayanam 
vande mukunda-priyam 
vande bhakta janaasrayamcha-varadam 
vande sivam sankaram
aluguTayE yerungani mahA mahitAtmu Dajaata SatruDE
aligina nADu sAgaramu lanniyu nEkamu gAka pOvu ka-
rNulu padi vEvu raina nani notturu chatturu rAja rAja nA
palukula viSwaSimpumu vipannula lOkula gAvu mellaran

My half-suspect-knowledge translation

Anger unknown and enemines none exist to this elevated heart. Take my caution Raja, Raja, that all the oceans should swell and rage and become one should he embark on fury. Take no respite, my King, in the loyal and invincible Karna being on your side, as even 10,000 of Karnas in an array shall be deeply hurt and decimated in his wake. So I beseech you, the mighty one, trust, heed my concerned and earnest utterances and pave the way for truce.

20) Rudra Bhumi


The epic like saga, Raja Harischandra, of Ancient India is a great source of art over the ages.

Poets and dramatizers have taken liberties to keep this ancient text quite modern while keeping to the spirit.

Here is a stanza from one of the sonnet like dramatizations of the plight of the once mighty ruler Harischandra

Koravin Chebatti,
Rudra Bhumi Narudenchen
Enta Chitrambago

"The staff that decreed the golden rule on this expansive Earth, but instead and in its place, a piece of burning wood, and I enter this land of Rudra (Lord Shiva, the one that brings salvation and death), to be its keeper. How odd is the fate"

Rudra Bhumi

Essentially the king entered the mangled, cacophonic place of a creamtory in the middle of a night to be its overseer.

"Rudra" is another name for Shiva. The name also refers to the "intensity" or "anger" as Shiva has the god of "Fire" as his third eye, appropriately placed on his brow.

"Bhumi" refers to "Earth" or "Place".

So "Rudra Bhumi" refers to the place of final rites

21) Salakshmanam


Sreerama chandram, Sritha-paarijatham
Salakshmanam, Bhumi-sutha-sameitham,
Lokabhi-ramam, Raghu-vamsa-somam
Rajadhi-rajam, Sirasaa-namaami

22) Santakaram


santa.karam bhujaga.sayanam padma.nabham suresam 
visvadharan gagana.sadrrsam megha.varnam subhangam 
laksmi.kantam kamala.nayanam yogi.bhir.dhyana.gamyam 
vande visum bhava.bhaya.haram sarva.lokaika.natham 

This is fundamentally a prayer to perhaps the most beloved deity of the Hindu pantheon. This is virtually untranslatable. Because each word has a thousand connotations to the listner.

The lines are meaningful in most of the Indian languages as the lines are in Sanskrit.

The rendering of these lines by Lata Mangeshkar in "Satyam Sivam Sundaram" is magical. Although this film by Raj Kappor, one of the doyens of Indian Film, is a fine one, It is worth watching it just for this one rapturous moment.

23) Sodi


Recently I was listening to a movie track made in 50s or 60s, and I am not sure what the exact dates are. The movie is called "Tenali Ramakrishna". The setting is 500 years ago and the place is the Court of the legendary Artisan Kannada King Krishna Devaraya.

It is said many times that Dhurjati (One of the 8 court poets) is a well accomplished poet of rhyme. In the movie the King asks him to render one of his compositions.

Dhurjati not being the maven of the movie, was casted by a brother-in-law of the producer (surely), and reads this most elegant poem that is utterly reminiscent of "70s summer explained Sodi".

My heart just sank with despair. I just thought anymore of this and I couldn't just bear the ineptness anymore. I was bordering on tears at that point. This is one way for sure to kill a soul.

Read the rest to see how it all ended well

"The following pages provide a few samples of Telugu Literature. They also provide brief introductions to some literary works and writers. The long-term aim is to provide complete electronic texts of Telugu literary works much the same way as the Sanskrit and other projects of similar nature. This project solely depends upon volunteer efforts. All those interested in Telugu are urged to participate in this effort by contributing or by developing their own companion web sites. Please go through the "Scope" if you are likely to be interested in helping and/or participating. " - Seshu Madhava Rao Adluri

Chelliyo Chellako tamaku chesina eggulu saichirandarun
tolli gathinche nedu nanu dootaga bampiri sandhi seya mee
pillalu papalun prajalu pempu vahimpaga sandhi chesedavo
elli (velli) ranambe goorchedavo yerpada jeppumu Kauraveswara
Triveni Sangama Pavitra Bhumi
Naalgu Vedamulu Puttina Bhumi
Geetaamruthamunu panchina Bhumi
Panchaseela Bodhinchina Bhumi

Crafted and complex as they may be, and I believe they are, they don't fully acquire their emotions without his voice. And when they do they are perttier than anything that is ever physically composed.

28) Vaana


Ralina Pulu
Thadisina Nayla
Kadalay Moyulu
Nilichina Musuru
MaLLi Jallu
Gadapana Pilichay Amma
Kalagalupula Pillala vaana