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Rudra Bhumi

The epic like saga, Raja Harischandra, of Ancient India is a great source of art over the ages.

Poets and dramatizers have taken liberties to keep this ancient text quite modern while keeping to the spirit.

Here is a stanza from one of the sonnet like dramatizations of the plight of the once mighty ruler Harischandra

Koravin Chebatti,
Rudra Bhumi Narudenchen
Enta Chitrambago

"The staff that decreed the golden rule on this expansive Earth, but instead and in its place, a piece of burning wood, and I enter this land of Rudra (Lord Shiva, the one that brings salvation and death), to be its keeper. How odd is the fate"

Rudra Bhumi

Essentially the king entered the mangled, cacophonic place of a creamtory in the middle of a night to be its overseer.

"Rudra" is another name for Shiva. The name also refers to the "intensity" or "anger" as Shiva has the god of "Fire" as his third eye, appropriately placed on his brow.

"Bhumi" refers to "Earth" or "Place".

So "Rudra Bhumi" refers to the place of final rites