22-Apr-13 (Created: 22-Apr-13) | More in 'Shells: My Writes'

Defining Present

Present is not benevolent,
Present is not kind,
Nor is it anger or revenge,
Neither, as such, it is ambivalent,
It demands none nor favors any,
For Present is not a state of mind!
Present is not a zero hour,
Present is not at 8,
Nor is it at 5 and quarter,
Neither, as such, it is temporal,
Although perhaps of Time,
Present is not a moment in Time.
Present is not quiet,
Present is slow or slower,
Present is fast or faster,
For sure, say I, Present moves!
By Counts and Clocks,
Present is when you make not,
An Account it!!
Allowed duration for a task,
Mundane or Profound,
When Exceeds infinitum,
Present then Is for all foreseeable future!