18-Apr-17 (Created: 18-Apr-17) | More in 'Shells: My Writes'

Florida Calling

A suffused chill,
This late morning surveys.

Like premonition of burdens that never come in ones,
No ravens call, and silent is the chill.

Sweeter than an affluent Flute
Hoots a woodsy Grand-master 
For all near and far that lends a ear!
No owl no where has ever sung a grander song

Flirting Robins play
Burrow with their thickets.
A stranger knocks at the door - 
Only to find wood peckers
Sizing their beaks on hardy palms.

I sit transfixed, sigh
Yet the human propensity daggers my heart 
To get up and move

I pray, you stay my friend,
With burdens least,
To be wise before the Year!