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santa.karam bhujaga.sayanam padma.nabham suresam 
visvadharan gagana.sadrrsam megha.varnam subhangam 
laksmi.kantam kamala.nayanam yogi.bhir.dhyana.gamyam 
vande vishnum bhava.bhaya.haram sarva.lokaika.natham 

This is fundamentally a prayer to perhaps the most beloved deity of the Hindu pantheon. This is virtually untranslatable. Because each word has a thousand connotations to the listner.

The lines are meaningful in most of the Indian languages as the lines are in Sanskrit.

The rendering of these lines by Lata Mangeshkar in "Satyam Sivam Sundaram" is magical. Although this film by Raj Kappor, one of the doyens of Indian Film, is a fine one, It is worth watching it just for this one rapturous moment.