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"Alarulu kuriyaga aadenadi" by Annamayya

Alarulu kuriyaga aadenadi
alakala kulukula Alamelmanga..
Araviri sobagula ativalu mecchaga
ara tera maruguna aadenade

Wow. Just too beautiful. Like a cascade of words but falling to the perfect tune. No wonder he is a poet and a singer. Both I presume might be pre-requisites for such form.

This shear beauty reminds me of another profound observation by Annamayya

"Chedanika brathikinche siddha mantrama.."

I am sure this line can mean different things to different audience, but to me this observation seem to say that

"Beautiful song or art is the perfect antidote for the sins of the mind.."


This note is inspired by a comment from Dr. Uma eyyunni