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Chrome related

1) Outlook



Windows 11 and Bluetooth

General windows journal

Can I count words in a Power Point presentation?

5) Windows firewall


Windows firewall

6) Excel Annoyances


Use alt-enter in excel to open a new line in a cell of text

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Microsoft Teams

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Google maps

9) Printer woes 2020


Printer woes 2020

Exploring find command in windows

Can I share from Google Drive

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13) Online drawing tools


Online drawing tools

windows batch files

Twitter privacy settings

How do I open a command prompt at a given directory in windows?

17) What is a RACI matrix?


What is a RACI matrix?

Stand for a dry erase board. I am pretty happy with this purchase. VIZ-PRO ECO Magnetic U-Stand Whiteboard/Flipchart Ease. You will see below how i ended up with this. It is sturdy. Erases well. Haven't extensively used it. But a good by I think so far.

Windows system error: Windows Search Service terminated unexpectedly

How can I auto rotate images in Google Photos?

How can I unsubscribe to a google group?

22) To Pause, To Learn...


To Pause, To Learn...

How to style a list in microsoft word?

Agile Keywords and videos

Need to buy a silent USB desk fan

26) Windows task scheduler


Windows task scheduler

What are various windows user accounts?

Working with windows folder shortcuts

29) Basics of powershell


Basics of powershell

How to send emails from azure servers?

How do I create a new gmail account?

How to see files that are newer than a certain date

xcopy .\*.java c:\temp /s /L /D:11-22-2007

Show java files that are more recent than Nov 22nd, 2007 in the current directory and sub directores.

/s indicates to span sub directories

/L is to display only

you need to have a target directoty. use this with caution. For some reason if you omit the /L you will end up copying.

what are various ways of protecting a webserver on Azure?

How to organize Google Drive?

long battery life 6+ hours
light weight (probably not) dvd drive
about $800 or less
bigger than 13 inch screen
3 USB ports
8 G of RAM
Solid state hard drive
HDMI - Ability to connect to the tv

click on the link above to see why I bought toshiba portege 835-p50x from bestbuy.

On Best suited Online backups for Photos, and why not for anything else while I am at it!

Buying a Color Laser Printer for Home Use in 2015

38) On Online Backups


On Online Backups

vagaries of microsoft word

Mapping XML files to Excel files

A Poor, Stubborn, and Lazy approach to backup a Windows Laptop

Windows Activation Technologies Error

43) Google Cloud Print


Google Cloud Print

7 things you should do when you buy a new windows computer

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windows 8 survival guide

windows defender

The mess that is called windows 8

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Protecting kids for unintended internet content: Open DNS and Routers

How can I install older office products

Should I buy a chromebook

How to work with "Do you want to restart your computer now"

54) Fixing a toshiba portege


Fixing a toshiba portege

How to fix the error with Chrome installation. Click on the link above to see how.

Android and Googleplus instant uploads

If I don't pay attention at home entropy seem to take over the router and modem quite frequently. I am needing to restart the router and modem quite frequently. That is when I realize it. Not sure how many times I don't even notice.

otherwise I am getting speed tests of 3mbps. when I restart the router I get 20mbps. These are relatively new and expensive router and modems from motorola and linksys.

How to publish from google to youtube

All I want to do is zip up a directory under windows 7. I use the send to file context menu in the file manager. I have done this for years. Same computer. Same account. Worked every time. For some reason it has stopped working this morning. Not sure what the culprit is.

I am able to search google and find the cause. In my case it turned out to be TEMP folder permissions. I have no idea how that got changed!!!

Click on the link above for full details.

60) picasa



Why is word capitalizing the leter i

How do I align figures in power point

How can I high light a phrase in Microsoft word persistently?

How do I add a group in gmail?

how can I reinstall windows on acer 5732z?

Can I reinstall network stack on windows 7?

How do I tell Chrome to ask for gmail password?

How can I see real path while exploring in file manager

Start button
Search for: part of your folder name

Setting up comcast in Nov 2010

ie8 features: cross domain css

Main Menu
Page Number Drop down
Format Page Numbers
Start at: 1


When I try to change the master slide, date and the slide number just doesn't show up.

Looks like you have to select the header/footer menu while you are on the master slide and then you have to select the appropriate boxes to show.

It looks like, at least in ie6, the address bar and menus can disappear if you accidentally press F11. If you press F11 again you can get it back. However if you don't know why it disappeared in the first place, it will be a puzzle.

Even when it disappears there is a sliver of menu at the top. You can also right click on that stretch and get back menu bar one by one. But it doesnt seem to be the same as F11.

I am not sure if there is an equivalent menu option for F11!

Here is the complete error

You are about to be redirected to a connection that is not secure.

The information you are sending to the current site might be retransmitted to a nonsecure site. Do you wish to continue?


This enables the ability to log into http authenticated sites with out explicitly typing in userid password dialog boxes

copy a.txt b.txt > nul

Where nul is the device or filename. Notice the single


in nul

synchit (maybe) not free


Apparently javascript in a standalone html could behave differently (disbled) starting in xp sp2

81) OS/Hardware notes


Notes relating to windows operating systems, hardware, and infrastructure.

82) Dell 700m feedback


Dell 700m feedback, comments, support, urls, light weight notebooks

When I insert a USB drive, the "subst"ituted drive letter is hijacked and assigned to the "usb" drive. But when you go to that drive it actually points to the mounted directory. Anyway as far as XP is concerned this is a major confusion.

Click on the link above to see the resolution.

Recently the webserver was upgraded apache 1.3.29. Ever since I am having intermittent problems submitting post data via a web form. Displaying data works fine.

The browser says the "page can not be displayed". It also says a dns error at the bottom of the page.

I can ping the site quite fine. Any subsequent gets will work fine as well.

The research seem to indicate issues with a specific fix of the ie browser not able to handle keep alive settings well.

The browser recommendation is to turn of the keep alive or increase the time out on the keep alive.


"For the single low price of $49.95 you can ship us up to 60 pounds of any electronic equipment you may have and we'll handle the rest!!" - Technology Exchange

A list of the companies

McAfee -
F-secure -
Panda -
BitDefender -
Symantec Nav 2005
CAI eTrust
Reliable Anti Virus (RAV)

For more click on the link above.

H:\>help xcopy
Copies files and directory trees.

XCOPY source [destination] [/A | /M] [/D[:date]] [/P] [/S [/E]] [/V] [/W]
                           [/C] [/I] [/Q] [/F] [/L] [/H] [/R] [/T] [/U]
                           [/K] [/N] [/Z]

  source       Specifies the file(s) to copy.
  destination  Specifies the location and/or name of new files.
  /A           Copies files with the archive attribute set,
               doesn't change the attribute.
  /M           Copies files with the archive attribute set,
               turns off the archive attribute.
  /D:m-d-y     Copies files changed on or after the specified date.
               If no date is given, copies only those files whose
               source time is newer than the destination time.
  /P           Prompts you before creating each destination file.
  /S           Copies directories and subdirectories except empty ones.
  /E           Copies directories and subdirectories, including empty ones.
               Same as /S /E. May be used to modify /T.
  /V           Verifies each new file.
  /W           Prompts you to press a key before copying.
  /C           Continues copying even if errors occur.
  /I           If destination does not exist and copying more than one file,
               assumes that destination must be a directory.
  /Q           Does not display file names while copying.
  /F           Displays full source and destination file names while copying.
  /L           Displays files that would be copied.
  /H           Copies hidden and system files also.
  /R           Overwrites read-only files.
  /T           Creates directory structure, but does not copy files. Does not
               include empty directories or subdirectories. /T /E includes
               empty directories and subdirectories.
  /U           Copies only files that already exist in destination.
  /K           Copies attributes. Normal Xcopy will reset read-only attributes.
  /N           Copies using the generated short names.
  /Z           Copies networked files in restartable mode.


I was quite naive when I thought XP could copy data cds without needing an external software such as a cd to cd copy.

Well the spell was broken yesterday. Somehow the xp cd copy thinks that a source CD that is less than 700mb is actually containing 715mb. So it won't copy the cd

I had to go back to an older copy of Nero and install it to actually copy this large cd

I am sure there is perfectly a good reason for this but I have no clue what it is



Windows Installer won't work

The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed

Installation Problems


Look at the above microsoft support url. Briefly you need to run c:\windows\system32\msiexec.exe /regserver to re register this service

If you know the answer email me at [email protected].