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CS-SQLServer     summary
A list of databases in the market place (6-Aug-13)
A sample sql server view (13-Oct-03)
Basic DB2 syntax and a few other things (27-Aug-16)
Can I create a unique index on a column that allows nulls? (9-May-12)
Common table expressions (26-Nov-04)
composite keys (26-Apr-14)
Guidelines for data modelling (18-Feb-12)
Here is what sql manager does to alter the identify of a column (10-Jan-12)
How can i backup and restore a SQL server database? (12-May-12)
How can I execute a stored proc? (11-Jun-03)
How can I generate SQL script to regenerate/document tables in sql server? (9-Jan-12)
How can I use outerjoins in SQL Server? (11-Jun-03)
How do I define a column to be a primary key in tsql? (28-May-14)
How do I pass an exit code from sqlcmd? (15-Aug-16)
How do I schedule a backup database program on windows servers? (13-Aug-16)
How to do subselects in a where clause (22-Apr-06)
How to limit rows from database queries (12-Aug-04)
How to use sp_help? (11-Jun-03)
in clause in stored procedures (16-Nov-12)
Learning SQL from (22-Mar-04)
Mastering Oracle SQL from OReilly (22-Mar-04)
MYSQL Notes (18-Nov-06)
Notes of a java programmer on understanding and effective use of joins in select statements (20-Nov-03)
One quick way to document joins in SQL/Stored Procedures (13-Jun-03)
Open sourced web based database client software (31-Aug-16)
Please declare all your strings as nvarchar in SQL Server, including stored procedure params (30-May-17)
Preparing SQLServer for UTF-16 (27-Apr-17)
Sample code for a function (26-Sep-03)
Sample code snippet for a SqlServer View (21-May-14)
Sample code: A few sample stored procs (22-Apr-14)
sample sql code (15-May-14)
SampleStoredProc1 (30-May-17)
Speaking of No-SQL databases: A look (5-Apr-13)
sql quick journal (21-Nov-12)
SQL Server and SSDs: The nasty dependency (27-Apr-17)
sql server in clause and null set (16-Nov-12)
SQLServer user permissions to execute Stored procedures (19-Jun-17)
t-sql code for altering/creatign indexes (10-Jan-12)
Understanding star schemas (5-May-10)
What are key SQL Server Resources? (30-May-17)
What does dbo stand for in sql server? (24-Apr-14)
What is SQL Server Browser service? (1-May-12)
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