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Abstracting Texture Renderer (source code) (10-Jul-09)
Android now has an excellent Tutorial on OpenGL ES 2.0!!! (24-Jul-12)
Because OpenGL is stateful, how do you target a specific matrix? (1-Sep-12)
Frame buffers: Color, depth, and stencil (3-Sep-12)
game development books and resources (9-Nov-12)
General Plan (27-Jun-09)
GLSurfaceView and background!! (23-Aug-12)
glVertexAttribPointer (8-Sep-12)
How are vertex colors interpolated in OpenGL? (23-Jul-12)
How can I animate two figures independently? (10-Jul-09)
How can I change the orientation of the android emulator? (15-Jul-09)
How can I create a MVP matrix for ES 2.0 in Android? (24-Jul-12)
How can I debug OpenGL errors? (14-Sep-12)
How can I draw multiple figures (9-Jul-09)
how can i scroll my drawing (26-Jun-09)
How is indexing done in OpenGL ES 2.0? (27-Jul-12)
How to draw a regular polygon using Android OpenGL (7-Jul-09)
how to draw on a canvas (26-Jun-09)
How to run Android applications on the device from Eclipse ADB (2-Aug-12)
How to texture a cube? (15-Aug-12)
How to work with matrices in OpenGL ES 2.0 (11-Aug-12)
Is there an OpenGL GLUT for Android? (27-Aug-12)
Math calculator (27-Jun-09)
Modelling tools for 3D (22-Sep-12)
OpenGL (6-Apr-09)
OpenGL 1.5 sample code (21-Apr-09)
OpenGL 2 (2-Dec-10)
opengl 3 (30-Sep-10)
opengl books and resources (13-Sep-12)
OpenGL ES 2.0 is not backward compatible with 1.x (28-Jul-12)
OpenGL ES 2.0 Sample Code (17-Sep-12)
opengl read (16-Nov-09)
OpenGL support in the Android Emulator? (28-Jul-12)
OpenGL Textures (22-Sep-12)
Relationship between texture target and texture name? (22-Sep-12)
Tell me about Depth in OpenGL? and how to hide hidden surfaces. (20-Aug-12)
Tell me about vertex shader (2-Sep-12)
Tell me one more time what the opengl pipeline is... (3-Sep-12)
this is a demo (23-Jul-09)
Version numbers for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and GLSL (30-Aug-12)
What a goofy mistake! can you spot it? (3-Aug-12)
what are model/object/eye/world/screen coordinates? (30-Aug-12)
What are OpenGL modelling tools? (3-Sep-12)
What are reserved variable names in GLSL? (14-Aug-12)
What are VAOs and VBOs? (27-Jul-12)
What are vertex attributes in OpenGL ES? (30-Aug-12)
What happened to glTexEnvf in GLES 2.0? (14-Aug-12)
What is a fragment in OpenGL? (31-Aug-12)
What is a rendering context? what is EGL? (27-Aug-12)
What is a surface normal? (3-Aug-12)
What is allowed between two calls to glDrawElements? (13-Jul-09)
what is color sum? (13-Sep-12)
what is FOG? (3-Sep-12)
What is fragment testing? (14-Sep-12)
What is Gouraud Shading? (28-Jul-12)
What is OpenGL ES: A definition and scope (27-Aug-12)
What is OpenGL GLEW? (26-Jul-12)
what is pixel ownership? (28-Jul-12)
What is precision qualifier in gls? (28-Jul-12)
what type of variables are there in GLSL? (28-Jul-12)
Whats up with OpenGL winding? (20-Aug-12)
Who recovers the memory of allocateDirect of java nio buffes? (1-Jul-09)
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